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Issues papers

In her opening statement the former Chair of the Inquiry made a commitment that the Inquiry would publish a series of issues papers on current topics and debates concerned with the identification and prevention of child sexual abuse.

The aim of Inquiry issues papers is to give individuals and organisations the chance to provide their opinions on particular topics.

Responses will be accepted in a written or audio format and are known as submissions.

The Inquiry will usually give interested individuals and organisations eight weeks to make their submission.  The deadlines are set out below and in each individual issues paper.

Please contact the Inquiry if you require this information in any other format, such as Braille, large font or an alternative language. The Inquiry is able to receive MP3 files should you wish to make an audio submission. Please send your audio file to the email address linked to the issues paper that you are responding to.

Inquiry Seminars

The Inquiry held two days of seminars in November 2016 relating to the Accountability and Reparations investigation, following on from the Civil Justice System issues paper. Transcripts are available for day one and day two of the seminars.

The Inquiry also held seminars in February 2017 following on from the Criminal Compensation issues paper. A transcript is available.


Current issues papers open for submission

No open issues papers at present.

Closed issues papers

#TitleRelated documents
1Civil Justice System Issues Paper
Relevant Submissions
2Criminal Compensation Issues Paper
Relevant Submissions

Publication of submissions

Submissions will be published on our website. We will also publish a report summarising the key themes from the submissions received. This report will help inform further discussions which will take place after the deadline for submissions has closed.  

Please note we intend to publish all relevant submissions. Please state on the questionnaire if you do not wish your name to appear in any Inquiry publication. We will consider any request for anonymity in accordance with our statutory obligations. 

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