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What is an inquiry?

Inquiries may be set up for a number of reasons, for example to find out about the cause of a major disaster, accident or event involving significant damage or loss of life.

Inquiries make recommendations about how to learn lessons from such events and investigate serious allegations of general public concern which require thorough impartial investigation, and for which ordinary civil or criminal proceedings may not be adequate or appropriate.

The Inquiry team consists of the Chair, Professor Alexis Jay OBE, supported by the Panel; the legal team including the Counsel to the Inquiry and Solicitor to the Inquiry; the Secretary to the Inquiry and support staff.  

Inquiries are bound by their Terms of Reference and normally have a government sponsor department. The Inquiry was set up by the Home Secretary and so our sponsoring department is the Home Office.  

Full details of how Inquiries work can be found in the cabinet office guidance document on the website.

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