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Chris Tuck MAAT ACMA

Chris is an active campaigner working to raise the profile of childhood abuse in the UK and the need for legislative and societal change, regularly appearing in the national broadcast and print media. Chris raises awareness of the impact of child abuse on victims/survivors mental, emotional and physical health and is a regular speaker/presenter at national, regional & local conferences and events.

Chris established the first UK conference to positively address the issues of child abuse and the impact of childhood abuse and recovery through health and wellness in September 2014. It was the first ‘Breaking The Cycle Survivors of Abuse’™ conference to bring together all stakeholders and included survivors, support agencies, the Metropolitan Police and specialist legal experts.

Chris is a qualified Health & Fitness Coach and today she supports others in their own healing through a holistic programme called the ‘C.L.E.A.N.E.R Living’™ programme encompassing mindset, health & nutrition. Chris works both individually, and in safe, small group environments helping survivors to ‘break the cycle’ of low self-esteem and limiting behaviours. Chris also runs conferences, workshops & retreats developed specifically to help survivors overcome the barriers that prevent them moving forward so that they are able to lead happy and fulfilled lives.

Chris is a published author of ‘Through the Eyes of a Child’ which documents her own experience and that of her siblings growing up in an abusive home. Written to inspire other survivors all the profits of the book sales are to be re-invested in her own charity, Survivors of Abuse (SOB). SOB has been established to raise awareness, to provide help and support through workshops and conferences, and ultimately to provide funds for crisis counselling for survivors. Chris has also written ‘Parenting Without Tears’ a guide to help survivors of childhood abuse with the challenges they face as parents.

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