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Nujoji Calvocoressi

Nujoji Calvocoressi

It is my firm belief that the work of the Inquiry is imperative to better understand to what degree institutions have failed in their duty to safeguard children from sexual abuse and to help protect children in the future. 

As a victim and survivor of child sexual abuse I have faced my own difficulties and challenges throughout my life. Fortunately, with support and psychotherapy I have been able to better understand these experiences. The comfort I took from this led me to train to become a psychotherapist and to help and support others. I work in the community with both women and men who are victims and survivors and support them with their disclosures and healing. I also work in the NHS with men in prison. As children many men were detained in the youth custody estate and adult prisons and often are victims and survivors of sexual abuse and institutional failings. 

I am only too aware of the difficulties that some victims and survivors face in finding effective and compassionate psychological support with well-trained and trauma-informed clinicians. 

Alongside my work as a psychotherapist I have served as a Justice of the Peace in both the Adult and Youth Magistrates’ Court. Justices of the Peace have a central role in considering sentence for some child sexual offences, setting bail conditions that can help safeguard vulnerable and intimidated witnesses and considering Sexual Offences Prevention Orders against people who are believed to pose a risk of sexual harm to children. 

I sincerely hope that the work of the Inquiry and the VSCP will reach far and wide and contribute to children growing up without the fear or fact of being sexually abused and to ease some of the suffering and distress that adult victims and survivors have had to endure for far too long.

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