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How to attend hearings and seminars

Dates, times and locations of any hearings or seminars will be published, in advance, on the Investigations and Research and Seminars pages of our website. The timing for each proceeding will vary but the Inquiry will generally sit from either 10 or 10.30 am to 4pm with a break for lunch.

Our hearings and seminars will generally be held in public. It may however be necessary for us to hold some proceedings in closed session, which will not be open to the public. We will make it clear on our website when that is the case. Transcripts of the proceedings will be published on our website at the end of each day.

It is not necessary for members of the public to notify the Inquiry in advance if they wish to attend. However, seating for members of the public is likely to be limited and therefore it will be allocated on a first come, first served, basis. Attendees should also allow sufficient time to pass through security checks at any venue.

For your security everyone entering the hearing centre must undergo a security search with a hand-held metal detector. If you have any concerns about this please ask to speak to a support worker.

Counsellors are available at the hearing centres.

The Inquiry's hearings and seminars are formal proceedings. There are therefore guidelines about what conduct is, and is not, acceptable within the hearing room. For example:

  • Live text-based media (tweeting etc.) is allowed in an annex room at the hearing centre. There, people will be able to watch a streamed feed of the hearing which is subject to a 5 minute delay;

  • No audio or video recordings may be made of the proceedings. In particular, cameras and recording equipment will not be allowed into most hearing venues used by the Inquiry. Members of the public are therefore advised not to bring such equipment with them;

  • Mobile telephones must be switched off or put on silent;

  • Telephone calls are not permitted in the hearing room and to make calls attendees must leave the hearing room;

  • Personal entertainment devices such as MP3 players and iPods may not be used in the hearing room when the Inquiry is in session;

  • Laptops may be used in the annex room and public areas if they do not disturb others but they may not be used to make live recordings of proceedings. Laptops must be battery-powered as power sockets are not available.

The Chair may remove any of the privileges above if she believes that it is harming the proceedings. The Inquiry's Secretariat also reserves the right to eject individuals who fail to comply with the conditions above.

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