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Hearing dates in January announced

4 Ionawr 2019

In addition to the two preliminary hearings already being held in January, the Inquiry has scheduled extra time for its public hearing in the Accountability and Reparations investigation.  

The details are as follows:

  • Tuesday 15 January 10.30am - preliminary hearing in relation to the extent of any institutional failures to protect children from sexual abuse within the Anglican Church.

  • Tuesday 15 January 1.00pm - extra sitting time in relation to the public hearings in the Accountability and Reparations investigation.  This time has been scheduled in order to hear evidence from former claimant solicitor Penelope Ayles, in relation to the Forde Park case study and to hear final closing submissions.

  • Wednesday 16 January 10.30am - first preliminary hearing in relation to the sexual abuse and exploitation of children in residential schools.

The venue for all will be the Inquiry hearing centre, 18 Pocock Street, London, SE1 0BW. The preliminary hearings will discuss the progress of the investigations and may give directions if necessary.  Seats are allocated on a first come first served basis.

Preliminary hearings are not broadcast, but they are open to the press and public and live tweeting is allowed in our media annex room (which shows a ‘live’ feed of proceedings, subject to a three minute delay).  The extra sitting time in relation to the Accountability and Reparations investigation will be ‘live’ streamed on our website -

A transcript of the hearing will be available on our website shortly after each hearing.

For information on attending a preliminary hearing please read this document or for more information on preliminary hearings, please read the information note on each of our Investigation pages.

Further dates for preliminary hearings into the Inquiry’s investigations will be announced on our website and on our Twitter account in due course.

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