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Inquiry partners with Race Equality Foundation to carry out research into ethnic minority communities

3 Medi 2019

The Inquiry is working together with the Race Equality Foundation to carry out research into the views and experiences of child sexual abuse in ethnic minority communities.

The Race Equality Foundation will conduct focus groups with members of ethnic minorities, including Caribbean, Asian and African communities, as well as some one-to-one interviews.

The project’s aim is to increase understanding of how child sexual abuse affects different communities in England and Wales.

It will examine barriers to disclosure in these communities, the nature of support and individuals’ views on interactions with institutions including councils, schools and the police.

The Race Equality Foundation is an independent charity which explores discrimination and disadvantage in order to promote race equality in health, housing, social care and the community.

Verena Braehler, Head of the Inquiry’s research team said:

“It is crucial the Inquiry understands the barriers to speaking out and getting justice that children from diverse backgrounds might face. 

“The Race Equality Foundation will help the Inquiry to gather experiences and views on how institutions can better listen to, and support ethnic minority victims of child sexual abuse.”

Jabeer Butt, CEO of the Race Equality Foundation said:

“We are really excited to be undertaking this important piece of work, as the experiences of ethnic minority groups often go unheard.

“The research will ensure that the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse understands diverse perspectives, including from Caribbean, African and Asian communities. This insight will help the Inquiry to make recommendations to protect ethnic minority children from abuse in the future."

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