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Survivor and Inquiry ambassador Sabah Kaiser speaks to After, a new BBC Sounds podcast

27 Awst 2019

Inquiry ambassador, Sabah Kaiser spoke to After, a new two part podcast series for BBC Sounds. The podcast is produced by survivor Catriona Morton.

Each conversation is split into two parts. In the first part, called ‘Then’.  Survivors tell Catriona as much or as little as they want about what happened to them. This might include the support they received afterwards, their struggle through a court case, or simply the process of how they recognised what exactly they’d been through. If listeners feel this part of their story might be too triggering and distressing, they can skip to the second part, called ‘Now’ where the survivor from part one shares the practical steps, resources and methods they follow.

In the first part of podcast, Sabah discusses how it felt to be abused as a seven-year-old child and have no one believe her.

In the second part, Sabah talks about why she decided to become a voice for survivors in her community, sharing her experience with the Inquiry’s Truth Project and taking on a role at the Inquiry.

You can catch up here:

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