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Video link Truth Project sessions for Deaf people

14 Mai 2020

Survivors of child sexual abuse who are Deaf will now be able to share their experiences with the Truth Project, part of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, via videolink. So far, almost 5,000 people have shared their accounts. 

SignHealth, the Deaf health charity, has been contracted to provide British Sign Language information and emotional support for Deaf survivors who come forward to this new service. They can  provide information and support via WhatsApp, text message, video call or email and help participants to fill in registration forms and any other required paperwork. Use of their services is optional.

The Inquiry has also worked with Deaf advisors to create a bespoke short film for victims and survivors. The film, directed by Deaf film maker Bim Ajadi, shows a victim and survivor who was abused in a Deaf school and their journey to the Truth Project. It can be seen on the Inquiry website in the Services for Deaf Users page.

Deaf victims and survivors have told the Truth Project about how child sexual abuse has affected their physical and mental health, and their life chances. Others have described how they were let down by people or institutions such as social services or the police, when they told someone what was happening to them.

Paul Redfern, a facilitator at the Truth Project said:

“I’ve been working as a facilitator for the Truth Project since the Deaf service started, and I want to reassure Deaf victims and survivors that the Inquiry wants to know about their experiences.” 

James Watson-O’Neill, SignHealth CEO said:

“Sharing an account with the Truth Project is a deeply personal experience and during the Coronavirus pandemic people don’t always have access to their regular support networks. That’s why we’ve been careful to ensure a consistent support offer, and those who come forward to the Truth Project will be supported by a dedicated Deaf support worker before, during and after their Truth Project session”.

To share your experience with the Truth Project, visit the Inquiry Deaf Services page or contact SignHealth for more information and support.

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