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Ethics and Governance

In undertaking or commissioning research, the Inquiry has responsibilities to society; to Inquiry staff; and for the safety and wellbeing of people who take part in any research. It also has responsibilities to the wider academic and research community and to those contracted by the Inquiry to undertake research on its behalf.

To ensure that these responsibilities are fully met, the Inquiry’s Research Code of Ethics sets out the ethical standards required and the processes to be followed when undertaking research on behalf of or within the Inquiry.

The Inquiry’s Research Ethics Committee is responsible for ensuring that all research undertaken for or by the Inquiry complies with the ethical standards set out in the Inquiry’s Research Code of Ethics. The committee is formed of external academics and experts in addition to relevant internal staff.

All research projects must be approved by the Inquiry’s Research Ethics Committee prior to commencement. To gain approval, an Ethical Approval Form must be submitted in order to demonstrate that ethical issues have been considered and good practice followed in the development of the research project.

The Inquiry's research work is overseen by the Research Steering Group chaired by Panel member Professor Sir Malcolm Evans.

The Victims and Survivors Consultative Panel works with the Research Team, providing advice on the research questions we seek to answer and how we go about asking them.

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