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Truth Project

Our Truth Project offers victims and survivors of child sexual abuse the opportunity to share their experiences and be respectfully heard, and helps us to better understand child sexual abuse.

Experiences shared

The Inquiry publishes narratives of experiences shared with the Truth Project on a regular basis. These are the personal experiences of victims and survivors of child sexual abuse that they have chosen to share with the Truth Project.

Victims and survivors can share as little or as much as they want about any aspect of their experience. They can do this face to face, via video or telephone sessions or in writing.

Truth Project dashboard

We also produce a Truth Project dashboard in January and July each year that includes the experiences of those who were abused within a family, an institution or in another context.

The dashboard is part of our research programme. It provides information from the Truth Project about:

  • the victims and survivors of child sexual abuse
  • the nature of the abuse that they experienced
  • where the sexual abuse took place and who the perpetrators were
  • the impacts of child sexual abuse
  • whether those victims and survivors told anyone about the abuse.

You can find the latest dashboard from the link provided.

Get in touch

If you wish to ask a question about the Inquiry or if you have information to support our investigations please get in touch:

  • 0800 917 1000 The Inquiry’s phone line is open 9am-5pm on weekdays
  • You can share your experience through the Truth Project, either by emailing us at or using our online form.
  • You can write to us via Freepost IICSA INDEPENDENT INQUIRY (no stamp required) We are working hard to ensure you are still able to reach us this way but please be advised that due to the pandemic there may be a delay with postal correspondence.

We aim to respond to all calls, emails and letters within 15 working days, however, it may take longer to respond in busier periods.

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