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The Inquiry launched 15 investigations into a broad range of institutions identified on the basis of the Panel’s criteria for selection of investigations.

The investigations will give a voice to victims and survivors of child sexual abuse, enable the Inquiry to understand how institutions have failed to protect children from sexual abuse and make practical recommendations to ensure better institutional protection for children in the future.

The Inquiry’s investigative work underpins the Public Hearings and hearings will be held during the course of most, if not all, of the investigations.

Each investigation will conclude with a report that will set out the Inquiry’s conclusions on institutional failings and identify practical recommendations for change.

All hearings will be held at the IICSA hearing centre which is located at 18 Pocock Street, London, SE1 0BW. The nearest tube station is Southwark.

A timetable of hearings has been published on our website here.

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