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  • Agenda for Cambridge House, Knowl View and Rochdale investigation

    8th May 2017 General PDF
  • Agenda for preliminary hearing Nottinghamshire Councils

    8th May 2017
    • Nottinghamshire Councils
    General PDF
  • Agenda for Preliminary Hearing on 9 May 2017

    4th May 2017
    • Children Outside the UK
    General PDF
  • 2017-05-03 Notice of Determination

    3rd May 2017
    • Institutional Responses to Allegations Concerning Lord Janner
    Ruling PDF
  • Inquiry Feedback and Complaints Policy

    2nd May 2017 Policy PDF
  • Ethical Approval Form

    All research projects must be approved by the IICSA Research Ethics Committee prior to commencement. To gain approval, all research projects must submit an Ethical Approval Form to the Research Ethics Committee.

    26th April 2017 General PDF
  • Ethical Approval Guidance

    The Research Code of Ethics sets out the ethical standards required and the processes to be followed when undertaking research for or within IICSA.

    26th April 2017 General PDF
  • Transcript Of Inquiry Seminar Wednesday 12 April 2017

    12th April 2017 Transcript PDF
  • Inquiry Research Seminar April 12 2017 Agenda

    12th April 2017 General PDF
  • Inquiry Research Seminar April 12 2017 Participant List

    12th April 2017 General PDF
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