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  • Inquiry seeks written material for a literature review of the young people's secure estate

    19th January 2017
    • Children in Custodial Institutions Institution Means the same as 'organisation' Close
    Request for Literature PDF
  • 2016-12-16 CP Determination David Hill (CMP)

    17th January 2017
    • Children Outside the UK
    CP Determination PDF
  • Management statement

    Management statement between the Home Office and IICSA

    17th January 2017 Statement PDF
  • 2016-12-16 Legal Representation CPS

    20th December 2016
    • Cambridge House, Knowl View and Rochdale ;
    • Lambeth Council ;
    • The Anglican Church ;
    • Institutional Responses to Allegations Concerning Lord Janner
    CP Determination PDF
  • 2016-12-16 Notice of Provisional Determination Following Internal Review

    16th December 2016
    • Institutional Responses to Allegations Concerning Lord Janner
    Ruling PDF
  • Report of the Internal Review

    16th December 2016 Policy PDF
  • Request for Literature: Behaviour and Characteristics of Perpetrators of Online-facilitated Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

    6th December 2016
    • The Internet
    Request for Literature PDF
  • Key Facts about the IICSA

    6th December 2016 Policy PDF
  • Truth Project - experiences shared

    Victims and survivors have come forward to share their experience with the Inquiry's Truth Project. This document collects anonymised accounts and feedback from those who have participated.

    1st December 2016 Statement PDF
  • Accountability and Reparations Investigation - Transcript of Inquiry Seminar Wednesday 30 November 2016

    1st December 2016
    • Accountability and Reparations
    Issues paper PDF
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