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 Public hearings in the Accountability and Reparations investigation to be held next week

20 November 2018

From 26 November to 14 December 2018 the Independent Inquiry will hold three weeks of public hearings from 10:30am - 4.00pm daily will take place at the IICSA hearing centre, 18 Pocock Street, London SE1 0BW.

Please note, Thursday 13 December was due to be a non-sitting day for this investigation, however, we will be sitting that day in order to hear from Cardinal Vincent Nichols in relation to our Archdiocese of Birmingham case study, part of the Roman Catholic Church investigation.

This investigation is one of the inquiry's more thematic investigations focusing on the aftermath of child sexual abuse, and its remit is to examine the extent to which the civil justice system, the compensation frameworks, criminal compensation  frameworks and existing support services are fit to deliver reparations to victims and survivors of child sexual abuse.

This investigation will be informed by looking into five case studies:

  • Stanhope Castle

  • Forde Park

  • Children’s homes in North Wales, including Bryn Alyn

  • St Leonard’s children’s home

  • St Aidan’s & St Vincent’s children’s homes

The purpose of these case studies is to provide the Inquiry with an insight through specific examples into the civil justice system, compensation frameworks and existing support services. The hearings will not resolve disputed factual issues relating to allegations of child sexual abuse in those institutions.

Our witnesses will include one or more victims and survivors in each case study, claimant and defendant lawyers, defendants and insurers and police officers.

The evidence of victims and survivors remains vitally important to the inquiry into this investigation. The investigation will focus its questions  on wider thematic issues such as how group litigation was, and is, conducted and also on specific examples of how those issues can be seen working for better or for worse in practice

The timetable for the first week will be published on Thursday 22 November on our website.

Public hearings are generally open to the public. There are a number of anonymous witnesses whose identities are  protected by a Restriction Order. When these witnesses give evidence, members of the public, media and press will be able to follow proceedings in the media annex or via the livestream, but will be excluded from the hearing room itself in order to preserve that anonymity.   

There will be a small public gallery at each hearing and places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. A number of spaces will also be reserved for the media.

Public hearings will be streamed ‘live’ (subject to a three minute delay) on the Inquiry’s YouTube channel on our website -;  transcripts will be available on the IICSA website a few hours after the end of each hearing.

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