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1,000 victims and survivors share experience with the Truth Project by phone

30 November 2020

More than 1,000 survivors of child sexual abuse have now shared their experience with the Truth Project over the phone.

At the Truth Project, survivors of child sexual abuse can share their experiences with the Inquiry, and put forward suggestions for change. All accounts shared make an important contribution to the Inquiry’s work to better protect children in future.

In addition to the options to share with the Truth Project over the telephone, participants are able to take part in writing, via video call or in person. Telephone and video sessions provide the option of sharing an experience remotely, and are treated in exactly the same way as if they were shared in person.

All participants who choose to engage with the Truth Project will be offered a dedicated support worker to answer any questions or concerns they might have, help them to prepare before sharing an experience, and offer support for a period of time afterwards.

Those who have come forward have described feelings of hope, liberation and empowerment. Many said that by sharing their account with the Truth Project, they hoped to help others who had been through a similar experience.

“I found it was easier for me to talk over the telephone rather than face to face... I would highly recommend it to anybody who has been through similar things in the past to pick up the phone and just talk.”

“I came away feeling as if my heart was lighter. I am so happy to have picked up the phone and dialed that number. It’s never too late to free yourself of the guilt and blame I put upon myself. The Truth Project gave me permission to not feel the guilt.”

The Truth Project is closing in 2021, but for now it is still open for survivors of child sexual abuse to share their experiences over the phone, in writing, by video call or in person. Visit to find out more.

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