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Core participant applications invited for next phase of Accountability & Reparations investigation

14 August 2019

We are today publishing an update note and inviting applications for Core Participant status in the next phase of the Accountability & Reparations investigation

Phase one of the investigation examined the experience of victims and survivors of sexual abuse at five institutiosn: Forde Park Approved School, Stanhope Castle Approved School, St Leonard’s children’s home, North Wales children’s homes and St Aidan’s and St Vincent’s. We examined the extent to which current mechanisms for support and compensation help or hinder the satisfaction of the right to truth, accountability, compensation, and guarantees of non-recurrence.

The Panel is currently producing a report on the case studies, which will make a number of recommendations to the systems of civil justice, criminal compensation and support.

The next phase of the investigation will examine in more detail two important issues that emerged during the investigation of the five institutions (case studies): 

  1. Whether the law of limitation should be reformed  to make it easier for victims and survivors to bring claims in respect of non-recent child sexual abuse.
  2. The potential for a redress scheme to offer accountability and reparations to victims and survivors of child sexual abuse. 

Individuals and organisations that wish to be designated as a core participant in relation to this phase of the Accountability & Reparations investigation are asked to submit their application by 4pm on 11 September 2019.

A preliminary hearing in this investigation will take place on 16 October 2019 at the Inquiry's hearing centre at 18 Pocock Street, London SE1 0BW. The Inquiry will hold a public three day hearing in this investigation, commencing on 26 November 2019. Further details will be published on our website.

A core participant has a formal role as defined by legislation. Core participants have special rights in the Inquiry process. These include receiving disclosure of documentation, being represented and making legal submissions, suggesting questions and receiving advance notice of the Inquiry’s report. It is not necessary to be a core participant in order to provide evidence to the Inquiry.

Applicants should read the investigation update note, the guidance document for potential core participants and FAQs. In particular applicants should note that applications should be set out in writing on no more than 4 sides of A4 paper and as a minimum should include the information set out at paragraph 14 of the guidance.

It will not be necessary for victims and survivors who attend a Truth Project session to be designated as core participants, as the Inquiry will not make individual factual findings on the basis of what is said during the private Truth Project Sessions. They will however enable the Inquiry to piece together a broader picture of the scale and nature of institutional child sexual abuse in England and Wales.

When each of the remaining investigations are in a position to invite applications for core participant status and hold preliminary hearings, the Inquiry will make announcements here.

The Inquiry is encouraging all victims and survivors of child sexual abuse to share their experience.

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