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Inquiry clarifies Operation Hydrant referrals

16 January 2018

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has today clarified its position on the referrals it makes to Operation Hydrant.

Paragraph eight of the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference requires the Inquiry to  pass all allegations of child sexual abuse it receives to the police.  Operation Hydrant acts as a single point of contact for the Inquiry, receiving and disseminating allegations that a crime has been committed to the relevant police forces in England and Wales.

The Inquiry works to ensure the information it provides to Operation Hydrant is appropriate, in line with our Terms of Reference and Restriction Order. We will not share someone's personal details with the police unless the individual agrees. The exception is where a current child protection issue has been identified or someone is at risk of serious harm.  Even in cases where the Inquiry cannot pass on someone’s personal details, the circumstances of the case may reveal important information about particular locations or institutions which may be of assistance to the police.  Local police forces are responsible for notifying other statutory authorities, as appropriate.

The Inquiry recently updated its Truth Project website and made a portal change from the old "Share Your Experience" webform to the simpler "Get in Touch" form (the expression of interest form) - this made it easier for victims/survivors interested in attending our Truth Project sessions, to get in touch with the Inquiry, by reducing the amount of information required.

We have processes in place to ensure the quality of referrals and we review our processes as necessary.

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