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Inquiry comes to Bristol

17 May 2017

Organisations supporting victims and survivors of child sexual abuse including Kinergy, Safe Link Rape and Sexual Assault Service and Southmead Project will hear from the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) about its Truth Project in Bristol today.

The Truth Project has been hearing from victims and survivors around the country for over 18 months, and opened in the south west in February. So far, over 700 victims and survivors have come forward.

The Truth Project gives anyone who  was sexually abused as a child and feels let down by an institution the opportunity to share their experiences with the Inquiry.

Victims and survivors who want to take part in the Truth Project will be offered support, and those who speak out will not be judged or questioned.  

Some of the experiences that are shared with us will be published anonymously and all of them will help to inform the Inquiry’s reports and recommendations to keep children safe in future.

In today’s workshop, support organisations and experts from Bristol will learn what victims and survivors can expect from the Truth Project and how it could have a positive impact on the next generation.

David Poole, head of the Inquiry office in the south west said:

“I'm in Bristol today to spread the word about the work of the Inquiry and let victims and survivors of child sexual abuse know that their voices will be heard if they speak to the Truth Project.

"For most, speaking out isn't easy. Since we opened in the south west in February, I've been humbled and inspired by those victims and survivors who have courageously come forward.”

A victim and survivor who anonymously shared their experiences with the Truth Project said:

“After 37 years of silence and self blame, I found the courage to tell. I commend the Truth Project to all victims as our opportunity to give our version of events through a process that is safe and dignified. Go for it!”

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