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Inquiry to hold public hearing into child sexual exploitation by organised networks

17 September 2020

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse will hold a public hearing in the Child Sexual Exploitation by Organised Networks investigation from 21 September to 2 October.

This hearing will examine the current nature and extent of child sexual exploitation by organised networks in England and Wales, as well as institutional responses.

It will assess the extent to which authorities have learned lessons from recent high profile cases, such as those seen in Rotherham, Oxford and Rochdale.

The investigation will focus on six separate areas of England and Wales: St Helens, Tower Hamlets, Swansea, Durham, Bristol and Warwickshire. These regions have been chosen because they represent a range of sizes, demographics and institutional practices.

Evidence will be heard from victims and survivors of child sexual exploitation and representatives of police forces, local authorities, Government departments and charities.

The hearing will take place virtually from 10.30am to 4.15pm. It will be streamed live on the Inquiry’s website and the transcripts will be available on the website a few hours after the end of each hearing day.

The timetable for the first week is available here.

Nujoji Calvocoressi, a member of the Inquiry’s Victims and Survivors Consultative Panel, said: “It is clear that the grooming and sexual abuse of children by groups of offenders is an urgent problem across England and Wales.

“This hugely important investigation will examine the current strategies in place to prevent this type of child sexual exploitation and see what more can be done about it in future.”

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