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Inquiry to hold public hearing in second phase of Accountability and Reparations investigation

21 November 2019

The Inquiry is holding a public hearing in the second phase of the Accountability and Reparations investigation from November 26-28.

This three-day hearing will focus on two key issues. Firstly, whether the law of limitation should be reformed to make it easier for victims and survivors to bring claims for non-recent child sexual abuse. The Limitation Act 1980 currently puts time limits on when claims can be made.

Secondly, the potential for a redress scheme to offer accountability and reparations to victims and survivors.

The Inquiry will hear from more than 20 witnesses, including claimant and defendant solicitors, insurers and government officials. Multiple witnesses will be giving evidence at the same time in a panel format.

The hearing will take place from 10am to 4.15pm at the Inquiry’s hearing centre, 18 Pocock Street, London SE1 0BW. The timetable is available here.

Public hearings are streamed ‘live’ (subject to a three minute delay) on the Inquiry’s YouTube channel and website. The transcripts will be available on the website a few hours after the end of each hearing day.

May Baxter-Thornton, a member of the Inquiry’s Victims and Survivors Consultative Panel, said:

“It is so important for survivors of child sexual abuse that what happened to them is acknowledged and steps are taken to make up for any failings they have endured. Like everyone, they need to know that the pain they experienced was real and not their fault.

“These hearings are vital in gathering a wide range of expert views on how to improve both the accountability and reparations processes for survivors.” 

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