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Inquiry publishes provisional decision in respect of Medomsley case study

17 October 2019

The Inquiry has today published a provisional decision in respect of the Medomsley case study, part of the Children in Custodial Institutions (CICI) investigation.  


In November 2015, the then Chair of the Inquiry indicated that Medomsley Youth Detention Centre would be included in the scope document for CICI investigation.  

In December 2015 in her Report of the Review of the Inquiry’s work, Professor Alexis Jay OBE, indicated that the Inquiry would continue to liaise closely with Durham Constabulary in relation to Medomsley Detention Centre. The Inquiry would then be able to determine the nature and extent of the public hearing to follow.  

In the autumn of 2017, Professor Jay decided that in light of ongoing potential criminal prosecutions relating to Medomsley, the CICI investigation would instead focus on recent (post-2009) issues within custodial institutions.  

The Inquiry then conducted public hearings into recent issues within custodial institutions in July 2018 and published its investigation report, including several recommendations, on those issues on 28 February 2019.

Proposal to discontinue this case study

Whilst this case study meets most of the Inquiry’s criteria for selecting institutions suitable for investigation, there are limits to the ability of this Inquiry to fully investigate events at Medomsley and it is the Chair’s provisional view that it is neither proportionate nor necessary to continue with this investigation.

As the Chair’s provisional determination makes clear, views are sought by all interested parties as to whether this case study should continue and submissions should be made in writing by 31 October 2019.  Any representations should be sent in writing by this date to with Medomsley Investigation in the subject line.

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