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Inquiry publishes the report, ‘Victim and Survivor Voices from the Truth Project’

30 October 2017
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The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has today published the report, ‘Victim and Survivor Voices from the Truth Project’. The report considers some of the accounts of victims and survivors taking part in the Truth Project.

It provides the Inquiry with insight and information into the child sexual abuse experienced by those coming forward.

This report from the Inquiry’s research team draws together statistical data from Truth Project sessions that took place between June 2016 and June 2017. Information contained within the report includes participants’ ethnicity, age, and disability status. This information will help us understand if there are sections of society we need to reach so we can engage with a wide range of victims and survivors across England and Wales.

The report looks at participants’ experiences of child sexual abuse, as well as its short and longer-term impacts including on socio-economic outcomes and intimate relationships.

The report includes comments from a number of participants who speak movingly about their experiences.  

This work is part of our ambitious research and analysis programme which aims to fill gaps in knowledge about child sexual abuse.

Inquiry panel member Dru Sharpling said:

“This is an important report that brings together information on our Truth Project but also gives voice to those who have come forward.  These voices are now being heard, sometimes for the first time.  Society has not listened in the past but we need to listen now because until we hear clearly what victims and survivors have been trying to tell us for decades we will not break this terrible cycle of child sexual abuse.”

A Truth Project participant said:

“Why I’m sitting here now, if this could help one person not to be abused it’s worthwhile, all this.”

You can also watch a video, highlighting the report findings.

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