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Inquiry publishes week 1 timetable for Westminster hearing

28 February 2019

The Inquiry has today (Thursday 28 February) published the timetable for the first week of hearings into allegations of child sexual abuse and exploitation involving people of public prominence associated with Westminster.

This hearing will not investigate whether allegations, involving individuals associated with Westminster, of child sexual abuse are true or false. These matters are for the police and the courts to decide.

The focus of this investigation, and indeed of the Inquiry more generally, is on the conduct of institutions when allegations of child sexual abuse are made.    

We do not anticipate that this investigation will make any findings as to whether, for example, high-profile politicians such as Edward Heath or Cyril Smith did or did not commit acts of child sexual abuse of which they  have been accused. This investigation’s focus will be on the way in which Westminster institutions dealt with and responded to allegations of this nature and whether the right policies are in place if similar allegations are made in future.

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