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Inquiry seeks bid for research into child sexual abuse and the internet

2 June 2017

The Inquiry has issued an invitation to tender for research on the scale of online Child Sexual Abuse

The Research Project at the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) is seeking to commission a Rapid Evidence Assessment (REA) to identify what is known about the scale of online-facilitated child sexual abuse.

The REA should address the following sub-questions:

What measures are available for quantifying the scale of online child sexual abuse? Measures to be considered might relate to: number of identified perpetrators; number of identified victims; number of 2 recorded offences; volume of child sexual abuse material.

What are the strengths and limitations of different measures?

What does each of these measures tell us about the scale of online CSA in England and Wales (i) currently, and (ii) over time?

What data sources are available for quantifying the scale of online CSA? Sources to be considered might include: crime statistics; other data held by law enforcement and partners (eg. the Internet Watch Foundation); academic research, such as large- and small-scale survey data.

What are the strengths and limitations of different data sources?

As far as such information is available within the identified literature, the study should also consider how the measures and data sources under discussion are used and to highlight their relevance to UK policy and practice.

We are seeking a contractor with very good working knowledge of the subject area, a good understanding of relevant data sources and stakeholders, and a proven track record of delivering high quality REAs for government or other high profile clients.

Please see the Crown Commercial Services Contracts Finder website for further details before 23 June


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