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The Inquiry seeks written material for a literature review of the young people's secure estate

News | 19 January

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) Research Project is seeking material for a review of the existing academic and grey literature (including policy and practice documents) relating to the incidence of child sexual abuse in the young people’s secure estate and the institutional response process to such allegations.

The findings will inform IICSA’s investigation into child sexual abuse in custodial institutions as well as policy and practice recommendations made by the Inquiry.

The areas IICSA is exploring are:

  • Evidence related to prevalence of child sexual abuse in the young people’s secure estate;
  • Particular aspects of socio-demographic characteristics, both of victims and perpetrators;
  • The factors associated with failure to protect or act to protect children in the care of institutions in the youth secure estate;
  • The nature of the safeguarding systems in place in secure institutions for children and young people, and how they have changed over the years;
  • Recommendations as to how those systems may be improved to better protect children and young people in secure care from sexual abuse. 

Materials should be sent to the IICSA research team at [email protected] marked for the attention of Holly Rodger by 17 February.

More information can be found in our library


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