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Inquiry statement on Carl Beech

26 July 2019

The Inquiry previously confirmed that it was not looking at allegations made by Carl Beech, known as ‘Nick’, that led to Operation Midland.  In light of the sentencing of Mr Beech today for perverting the course of justice and fraud in relation to his claims of child sexual abuse, the Inquiry makes the following further statement.

Mr Beech has neither applied for nor been designated as a core participant in any of the Inquiry’s investigations. The Inquiry has taken no witness evidence from him. 

The Inquiry has made Restriction Orders protecting the identity of any complainant core participants. The Order prohibits the disclosure or publication of any information with the name of a complainant Core Participant if such disclosure or publication identifies or tends to identify him or her as a complainant Core Participant. In order to protect the identity of individuals who may be Core Participants, the Inquiry would not usually confirm or deny whether or not someone was a Core Participant.

However, in the exceptional circumstances of this case, the Chair has decided that it is necessary and appropriate for the Inquiry to make this statement.

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