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Inquiry strategic narrative

The purpose of this Inquiry is to make sure that children get the protection from sexual abuse they need and deserve, now and in the future.

The Inquiry was set up because of serious concerns that some schools, care homes, religious organisations, local authorities and other institutions were failing to protect children from sexual abuse.

Our scope gives us unique authority to address those chronic underlying issues that have persisted, despite previous inquiries and attempts at reform. Using this authority we will make practical, timely recommendations which will require action from institutions across society.

Through our investigations and public hearings we will examine what went wrong and why.

The findings we make and the evidence we gather will inform our recommendations.

In identifying what must be done differently we are building the case for change and improvement in how institutions protect children.

By exposing past failures to protect children and by understanding the causes and impacts of those mistakes we will challenge those institutions responsible.

We are more than a public inquiry into the past - our scope is our strength.

Our ambitious research and analysis programme will fill gaps in knowledge about child sexual abuse and make sure our recommendations are informed by the latest learning.

The Truth Project offers opportunities for victims and survivors to share their experiences and be respectfully heard and acknowledged. They will help us to better understand the long term impacts of abuse. Their contributions will help us make recommendations about support needs, as well as challenge assumptions and misconceptions about child sexual abuse.

We know that past failure to recognise child sexual abuse, coupled with a failure to listen to child victims are two of the main reasons we are here.

Ultimately, our work will help society better understand the causes, nature and impact of child sexual abuse so that institutions and individuals can never again say, ‘We did not know’.

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