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Public hearings on Cambridge House, Knowl View and Rochdale investigation

6 October 2017
The Inquiry’s public hearings in the Cambridge House, Knowl View and Rochdale Investigation is taking place from 9 - 27 October, with a non sitting day on 26 October.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse is holding public hearings into allegations about the sexual abuse and exploitation of children at Cambridge House Boys’ Hostel and Knowl View School in Rochdale.

Former MP Cyril Smith has been named as one of the alleged abusers and this hearing will examine these allegations. It will also consider the extent to which institutional failings may have allowed the sexual abuse and exploitation of vulnerable children at Cambridge House, Knowl View and elsewhere in Rochdale to take place.

It will also hear about the extent to which children with special needs, disabilities or other vulnerabilities may have been at greater risk of sexual abuse and whether their vulnerabilities impacted upon any failure to take action to protect them.

The public hearings will take place between 9 and 27 October (excluding 26) at 10.30am each day (10am on day 1) at the IICSA hearing centre, 18 Pocock Street, London SE1 0BW.

The timetable for the first week can be found in the library secion on our website.

All the evidence, including transcripts and videos from these hearings will be available on our website following the hearings.

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