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Survivors of child sexual abuse encouraged to share with Truth Project before it concludes

7 April 2021

The Truth Project, part of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, is drawing to a close in October 2021 so all of the accounts shared can be used to inform the findings and recommendations in the Inquiry’s Final Report, due to be published next year. 

More than 5,600 victims and survivors of child sexual abuse have now come forward.

“I feel incredibly thankful to be able to contribute … and would really encourage others thinking about doing so to come forward.”

- Truth Project participant

The Truth Project is a unique and unprecedented opportunity for survivors of child sexual abuse to share their experiences with the Inquiry, and make suggestions for change to keep children safer in future. Survivors can share their account over the phone, via video call or in writing.

Those who take part will be offered a dedicated support worker to answer any questions or concerns they might have, help them to prepare before sharing an experience, and offer support for a period of time afterwards. Additional support options have been developed to ensure that those who identify as neurodiverse or Deaf feel comfortable to engage and access support from us. This includes the option of video support calls.

“It has given me hope for the future and the courage to continue my own journey.”

- Truth Project participant

Everyone who shares their experience makes an important contribution to the work of the Inquiry; accounts are analysed for research and help to inform recommendations for change to Government and other institutions.

Those who have come forward to the Truth Project have described feelings of empowerment, liberation, and hope for the future. Many said that by sharing their account, they hoped to help others who had been through a similar experience.

“Life changing ... Helping others is important to me, but helping myself first will help me support others.”

- Truth Project participant 

The Truth Project is drawing to a close in October this year. The Inquiry encourages victims and survivors who wish to share via telephone or video call to get in touch by the end of July 2021, while written accounts will be welcomed until the end of October 2021.

More information about sharing an experience is available on the Truth Project website.

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