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Three schools to be examined in second phase of Residential Schools investigation

19 November 2019

The Inquiry has announced three schools which it will consider during the second phase of the Residential Schools investigation.

A public hearing in May 2020 will hear evidence regarding Clifton College in Bristol, Headlands School in East Yorkshire and Hillside First School in North Somerset.

Members of staff have been convicted of child sexual abuse at each school.

The first phase of this investigation examined music and special educational needs schools during two weeks of public hearings in October 2019.

The second and final phase will take a broader look at safeguarding procedures within the schools sector in general, including day schools.

This will include an examination of culture, governance and management when allegations of child sexual abuse are made, while also hearing from teaching unions and the Teaching Regulation Agency.

The hearing will take place from 11-22 May at the Inquiry’s hearing centre, 18 Pocock Street, London SE1 0BW.

Anybody who has first hand knowledge of allegations of child sexual abuse at Clifton College, Headlands School or Hillside First School can email the Inquiry on with Residential Schools investigation in the subject line, or telephone the Inquiry information line on 0800 917 1000.

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