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IICSA Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse in contemporary institutional contexts

Limitations and what is out of scope for the research

One of the key limitations of this research is that the conclusions drawn from the qualitative sample of 43 case files cannot be deemed representative of particular institutional contexts or ‘types’ of alleged perpetrators in England and Wales. However, the study presented a unique opportunity to examine aggregate themes of offending behaviours, abuse of trust relationships and failings at the institutional level, in relation to child sexual abuse.

This research did not involve any review of the DBS itself, and none of the research findings in this report are related to the DBS’s remit or processes and procedures. The extent of the DBS’s involvement was limited to the provision of case files for data analysis only. The research also did not consider other types of DBS cases, such as applications for enhanced disclosure (which is a pre-employment check), or autobar cases (where individuals are automatically barred from working in regulated activity with children or vulnerable adults due to having been cautioned or convicted for a relevant offence).

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