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6 Emerging themes

The previous chapters in this report have highlighted the range and depth of work underway across all elements of the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference.[1] The Inquiry has also considered its work against the four strategic themes that it announced in October 2015:[2]

  • Cultural: The attitudes, behaviours and values that prevent institutions from responding effectively to child sexual abuse

  • Professional and political: The leadership, professional and practice issues for those working or volunteering in relevant institutions

  • Structural: The legislative, governance and organisational frameworks within and between institutions

  • Financial: The financial, funding and resource arrangements for relevant institutions and services.

The themes allow the Inquiry to make broader conclusions and recommendations about what needs to be done to keep children safe from sexual abuse. They also help the Inquiry to identify key issues to be explored as its work progresses. This chapter sets out the emerging themes so far.


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