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2.3 Research

The Inquiry’s research programme brings together the significant amount of existing research evidence about child sexual abuse as well as undertaking primary research in key areas of the Inquiry.

Research published by the Inquiry

‘What can be learnt from other jurisdictions about preventing and responding to child sexual abuse’[1]

  • Summarises the latest evidence on how jurisdictions outside England and Wales prevent, identify and respond to child sexual abuse.

  • Examines 88 pieces of existing research.

‘The impacts of child sexual abuse’[2]

  • Considers the multiple effects of child sexual abuse on victims and survivors.

  • Examines 205 pieces of existing research.

‘Child sexual abuse within the Catholic and Anglican Churches’[3]

  • Considers the nature and scale of child sexual abuse within the two churches, and what factors may have contributed to the sexual abuse taking place.

  • Examines 160 pieces of existing research.

The internet and child sexual abuse: ‘Behaviour and characteristics of perpetrators of online-facilitated child sexual abuse and exploitation’,[4] ‘Characteristics and vulnerabilities of victims of online facilitated child sexual abuse and exploitation’,[5] and ‘Quantifying online facilitated child sexual abuse’[6]

  • Explores the behaviours and characteristics of perpetrators online, the vulnerabilities and characteristics of victims online, and the nature and scale of online child sexual abuse.

  • Collectively examines 323 pieces of existing research.

‘Deflection, denial and disbelief: social and political discourses about child sexual abuse and their influence on institutional responses’[7]

  • Considers how discourses from the 1940s to the present have shaped society’s understanding of child sexual abuse, child protection practices and institutional responses.

  • Examines 340 pieces of existing research.

‘Child sexual abuse in custodial institutions’[8]

  • Considers the scale of child sexual abuse within the youth secure estate and institutional responses to this sexual abuse.

  • Examines 237 pieces of existing research.



Annex B provides an overview of research carried out by the Inquiry.


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