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IICSA Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

Anglican Church Case Studies: Chichester/Peter Ball Investigation Report

Annex 4: Chronology relating to the Peter Ball Case Study

Date Event
March 1960 Peter Ball and his twin brother jointly found a monastic institution for the training of monks. It is named the Community of the Glorious Ascension. Peter Ball becomes its first Prior.
October 1992 Peter Ball commits an offence of gross indecency against Neil Todd.
Mid‐November 1992 Neil Todd attempts to take his own life. He reports his abuse to the Bishop of Southwark, Roy Williamson.
Early December 1992 Neil Todd reports his abuse to the Bishop of Chichester, Eric Kemp. Following a second suicide attempt, his mother informs the Metropolitan Police of his allegations, who pass the matter to Gloucestershire Constabulary.
Mid‐December 1992 Peter Ball is arrested on suspicion of indecent assault and gross indecency. He is interviewed and bailed by Gloucestershire Constabulary. His solicitor instructs Reverend Brian Tyler to investigate Neil Todd’s allegations independently of the police.
Late December 1992 A number of letters are sent to Archbishop George Carey by members of the public, alleging child sexual abuse by Peter Ball.
January 1993 Peter Ball is arrested on suspicion of offences against two further complainants. He is released on police bail.
March 1993 Peter Ball is cautioned for one offence of gross indecency against Neil Todd. He resigns as the Bishop of Gloucester. Reverend Brian Tyler submits his final report to Bishop Eric Kemp.
March 1995 Archbishop Carey grants Peter Ball Provincial Permission to Officiate as a priest in the parishes of All Saints Falmouth and Feock, in the Diocese of Truro, for a period of six months. This is later extended to three years.
December 2004 Following an enquiry initiated by Archbishop Williams, it comes to light that Peter Ball has been staying on the premises of a public school in Oxford and carrying out confirmations there without consent. No action is taken by the Church.
February 2008 Peter Ball accompanies a priest, who had received a police warning for harassing an adolescent, to a review meeting with the Child Protection Officer in the Diocese of Bath and Wells. The Child Protection Officer is unaware of Peter Ball’s background and he does not disclose this.
October 2008 With their consent, copies of the letters sent by complainants to Archbishop Carey in 1993 are disclosed to Northamptonshire Police.
December 2008 An Independent Review Panel chaired by Professor Anthony Mellows reviews the Peter Ball case.
May 2009 Kate Wood, Independent Safeguarding Adviser, carries out a Past Cases Review of files held at Lambeth Palace.
July 2009 Peter Ball undergoes a risk assessment. It concludes that he should be denied unsupervised access to young people.
September 2009 A contract and formal ‘safeguarding children’ agreement are put in place between Peter Ball and the Diocese of Bath and Wells.
May 2010 Peter Ball is referred to the Independent Safeguarding Authority for inclusion on the children’s barred list.
April 2012 Mrs Kate Wood reviews files relating to Peter Ball. She recommends that all the information should be passed to Sussex Police.
July 2012 An investigation is set up by Sussex Police into the criminal activity of Peter Ball. The investigation is named Operation Dunhill.
August 2012 Neil Todd dies in hospital following a third suicide attempt.
November 2012 Peter Ball and Vickery House are arrested by Sussex Police. It becomes apparent that Peter Ball is unwell. He is de‐arrested without interview. Vickery House is interviewed under caution and denies any wrongdoing.
September 2015 Following an agreed basis of plea, Peter Ball pleads guilty to two counts of indecent assault and one count of misconduct in public office. Archbishop Justin Welby writes letters of apology to the victims of Peter Ball.
January 2016 Peter Ball is prohibited from ministry for life under the Clergy Discipline Measure 2003.
August 2016 Sussex Police conclude that it is not in the public interest to proceed with four further complaints of abuse made against Peter Ball.
February 2017 Peter Ball is released from prison on licence.
June 2017 ‘An Abuse of Faith’, the Independent Peter Ball Review by Dame Moira Gibb, is published.


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