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IICSA Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

Child Migration Programmes Investigation Report

The Home Office’s draft Regulations, 1952

46. As we explain further in section C.1, the Home Office did not implement regulations in respect of the child migration activities of the voluntary agencies. However, it did circulate draft Regulations to sending agencies in 1952.[1]

47. These draft Regulations included provisions relating to:

a. the use of a case committee in the selection of children for migration;

b. the obtaining of parental/guardian consent for migration;

c. the Secretary of State having a month’s notice of the intention to migrate any child under five; and 

d. a report being obtained on each child migrant within six months of arrival and annually thereafter.[2]

Although the draft Regulations were not formally binding on institutions, the fact that they were circulated to sending agencies provides further evidence of what were considered reasonable practices of the time.



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