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IICSA Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

The Roman Catholic Church (EBC) Case Study: Ealing Abbey and St Benedict’s School Investigation Report

A.4: Terminology

Ealing, Ampleforth and Downside

15. In drafting this report we have used the term Ealing to refer jointly to Ealing Abbey and St Benedict’s. Similarly, where we refer to Ampleforth and Downside, this relates to both the abbeys and the schools.

Modes of address

16. When discussing a monk, we have referred to him as Father. When speaking of someone who was Abbot at the time we are considering we have called him Abbot. Once he ceases to hold that position, we have referred to him as Dom.


17. Some of the accused we consider within this report have not been convicted of any offence, and some are deceased. The allegations against them are nonetheless relevant because there may have been institutional failings in responding to them. In such cases we have applied ciphers, such as ‘RC-Fxx’, to the names of those accused, and sought to prevent their identification through other means, such as not revealing the dates and subject that they may have taught. In some instances, however, the position that they held in the school or Abbey is relevant to an issue – for example, why a child may not have sought to complain at the time the abuse was taking place. In these instances we have ciphered the name as described, but included any other necessary information.

18. The names of complainants, victims and survivors are also ciphered, unless they have specifically waived their right to anonymity. The term ‘complainant’ is used to indicate someone who has made an allegation of abuse that has not yet been proved. We have also removed details that might lead to identification through other means, such as specific personal characteristics and the house within the school they attended.


19. References in the footnotes of the report such as ‘ANY001234’ are to documents that have been adduced in evidence or posted on the Inquiry website. A reference such as ‘Jane Smith 5 February 2019 110/9’ is to the witness, the date he or she gave evidence and the page and line reference within the relevant transcript. Hearing transcripts are also available on the Inquiry website.

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