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IICSA Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

Children in the care of Lambeth Council Investigation Report


A.4: Terminology and references

22. Throughout this report, when referring to Lambeth Council and its statutory responsibility for children, including children in care, we have referred to ‘children’s social care’ for consistency. Until 2006, this work was carried out by social services and then by children’s services.

23. Where we refer to those who have made allegations of child sexual abuse and those allegations have not been proven by way of criminal conviction, civil finding or findings in the context of disciplinary proceedings, they will be referred to as complainants. Where a criminal conviction has been recorded or a finding has been made, individuals will be referred to as victims and survivors.

24. The allegations about child sexual abuse connected to Lambeth Council involve offending from, at least, the 1970s onwards. The Sexual Offences Act 1956 was then the prevailing legislation and referred to offences of indecent assault and buggery.[1] In May 2004, the Sexual Offences Act 2003 came into force and created a wide number of new offences. It included specific offences for sexual acts committed against children under 13 years of age, a new offence of meeting a child following sexual grooming and an increase in maximum sentences for a number of offences.[2]

25. References in the footnotes of the report such as ‘LAM029331’ are to documents that have been adduced in evidence or posted on the Inquiry website. A reference such as ‘Hudson 2 July 2020 79/21-23’ is to the witness, the date he or she gave evidence, and the page and line reference within the relevant transcript (which is also available on the Inquiry website).

Investigations and reports related to Lambeth Council

The following is a list of internal and external investigations and reports that the Inquiry considers to be relevant to the specific homes examined in this report or to the broader context of how Lambeth Council operated during the period under consideration in this investigation.

Date Report title Author(s) Referred to in this report as
December 1985 Notes of Management Inquiry into allegations concerning [LA-A26] – Ivy House Don Thomas, Pauline Lawrence and Pat Salter Initial investigation into the Ivy House complaint (LAM028780_097-101)
July 1986 Management Investigation into the Ivy House Complaint Waveney Williams, Josie Durrant, Karen Ellison and Phil Sealy Management investigation into the Ivy House complaint (no copy of report has been located)
1987 Whose child? The Report of the Public Inquiry into the Death of Tyra Henry Elaine Arnold, Marlene Bogle, Felix Fernando, Ros Howells, Lova Ramsay, Stephen Sedley (chair) and Avice Warmington Tyra Henry public inquiry report (LAM028613)
1987 An Independent Review of Procedures for Dealing with Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse in Establishments run by the London Borough of Lambeth chaired by Millius Palayiwa – Interim Report dated June 1987 Millius Palayiwa, William Theaker, Ermin Lee-Kin and Jennie Jarvis Review panel interim report (INQ004910)
March 1987 Report to the Director of Social Services of the Management Investigation into Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse at Monkton Street Children’s Home Tony Emett, Mary Webb, Pat Bell and one other panel member First Monkton Street report (LAM000573 – extract)
July 1988 Investigation into Allegation of Child Sexual Abuse – Monkton Street Heather Stephenson and Pauline Rowe Second Monkton Street report (LAM000575)
September 1988 Children’s Home Sub-Committee
Report of Senior Management – Children’s Home Service
Robert Morton and Josie Durrant First Morton report (LAM028710)
June 1989 The Principal Manager Overview of the Children’s Home Service Robert Morton Second Morton report (LAM010549)
July 1989 Doreen Aston Report Lewisham Social Services Department Doreen Aston inquiry report
July 1989 Children’s Home Sub-Committee
Report by Principal Manager, Children’s Homes
Robert Morton Third Morton report (LAM028717)
January 1990 Quality and Equality: The Report of the Enquiry into the South Vale Assessment Centre Edgar Zephyrine, Hugh Alexander, An Hayes, Geraldine McGuiness and Albert Rose Zephyrine report (LAM029172)
September 1990 Children’s Homes Section Report
Report by Principal Manager Children’s Homes
Robert Morton Fourth Morton report (INQ002077)
June 1991 Child Protection Services in Lambeth Arran Poyser, Kevin Mansell and Jim Carlton SSI 1991 report (LAM010629)
November 1992 The Mia Gibelli Report David Pope (director of social services) Mia Gibelli report (LAM014045)
June 1993 An Independent Inquiry Commissioned by the London Borough of Lambeth Richard Clough Clough report (LAM000020)
March 1993 An Inspection of Three Residential Children’s Homes in the London Borough of Lambeth SSI SSI 1993 report (LAM028733)
December 1993 Investigation into Alleged Breaches of the Council’s Equal Opportunities Policies in the Housing Directorate Eithne Harris, Jeanne McNair and Yvette Adams Harris report (LAM028615)
May 1994 SSI Lambeth Residential Child Care Inspection SSI SSI 1994 report (LAM000316)
July 1995 Inquiry Report of Miss Elizabeth Appleby QC Elizabeth Appleby QC Appleby report (LAM000025)
June 1997 Inspection of Planning and Decision Making For Children Looked After – Lambeth SSI SSI 1997 inspection (LAM001997)
May 1999 Interim report to the Chief Executive (Heather Rabbatts) John Barratt Barratt interim report
September 1999 The Lambeth Independent Child Protection Inquiry 1999: The Factual Background – Part 1 John Barratt Barratt Part 1 report (LAM000022)
May–June 2000 Inspection of Child Protection and Planning and Decision Making For Looked After Children – London Borough of Lambeth SSI SSI 2000 inspection report (LAM029179)
September 2000 Review of Events and Circumstances Associated with Changes to Services at a Home Providing Residential Respite Care for Children with Disabilities Richard Evans, Elisabeth Ford Evans report (LAM012344 – extract)
October 2000 Two Lambeth Independent Child Protection Inquiries 1999–2000: the Final Report John Barratt Barratt final report (LAM000021)
December 2000 Review of Lambeth Borough Council Social Services SSI SSI 2000 review report (LAM013017)
August–September 2001 Follow-Up Inspection of Child Protection, Planning and Decision Making For Looked After Children – London Borough of Lambeth SSI SSI 2001 report (LAM018930)
31 July 2003 Children’s Homes in Lambeth Enquiry (CHILE) 1998 to 2003 Helen Kenward CHILE

Key Metropolitan Police Service investigations related to child sexual abuse linked to Lambeth Council

Investigation Year Summary of investigation
Operation Bell 1992 to 1994 Allegations of child sexual abuse arising from South Vale assessment centre. It focussed on care worker Leslie Paul but also investigated allegations against other care workers: LA-F4, LA-F5 and LA-F8. (See Part B)
Operation Pragada 1993 to 1994 Allegations made by LA-G1 of child sexual abuse and the creation of indecent images of children, which came to light as a result of a report into the housing directorate of Lambeth Council (the Harris report). (See Part J)
Operation Middleton 1998 to 2003 Allegations of abuse committed against children in the care of Lambeth Council between 1974 and 1994. Of these, 16 cases were sent to the Crown Prosecution Service and charges were brought against Leslie Paul, LA-F14, William Hook, Geoffrey Clarke and LA-F38. (See Part J)
Operation Trinity/Operation Overview 2012 to 2015 Further allegations of child sexual abuse involving Leslie Paul, LA-F8, John Hudson and LA-F41. Resulted in charging Leslie Paul, Patrick Grant, LA-F8, June Entecott and Brenda Ball. (See Part J)
Operation Winter Key 2015 to present This investigative team is responsible for the Metropolitan Police Service’s ongoing investigations into child sexual abuse. As at May 2020, it had around 50 active investigations.

Timeline of senior leaders at Lambeth Council

Timeline of senior leaders at Lambeth Council from 1977 until 2005. The timeline shows the positions of Leader of the council, Chair of the Social Services Committee, The Chief Executive, The Director of Social Services and The Deputy Director of Social Services
Long Description

Leader of the council

1977 - 1978
Councillor David Craddock Simpson
1978 - 1986
Councillor Ted Knight
1986 - 1988
Councillor Linda Bellos
1988 - 1989
Councillor Dick Sorabji
1989 - 1991
Councillor Joan Twelves
1991 - 1994
Councillor Stephen Whaley
1994 - 1995
Hung Council:
  • Councillor Hugh Jones (Conservative)
  • Councillor Michael Tuffrey (Liberal Democrats)
  • Councillor Anna Tapsell (Labour)
1995 - May 1998
Hung Council:
  • Councillor Hugh Jones (Conservative)
  • Councillor Michael Tuffrey (Liberal Democrats)
  • Councillor Jim Dickson (Labour)
May 1998 - 2000
Councillor Jim Dickson
2000 - 2002
Councillor Tom Franklin
2002 - 2005
Councillor Steve Reed

Chair of the Social Services Committee

1977 - 1978
Councillor Sidney Herbert Gurney
1978 - 1981
Councillor Lesley Hammond
1981 - 1982
Councillor Sheila Ann Stace
Councillor R.W. Woodrow
1982 - 1986
Councillor Janet Boateng
1986 - 1989
Councillor Phylis Dunipace
1989 - 1990
Councillor John Harrison
1990 - 1991
Councillor Stephan Whaley
1991 - 1993
Councillor Graham Nicholas
1993 - 1995
Councillor Anna Tapsell
1995 - 1998
Chair for any meeting was appointed from members present
Councillor Judith Brodie
May 1999
Council adopted new structure, which concluded the use of Social Services Committee

Chief Executive

1977 - 1982
Frank Dixon Ward
1982 - May 1990
Arthur John George
May 1990 - may 1993
Herman Ouseley
May 1990 - June 1990
Linda Watts (Acting Chief Executive)
June 1990 - 1994
Henery Gilby
1994 - April 1995
Sari Conway (Interim Chief Executive)
April 1995 - 2000
Heather Rabbatts
Hearther Du Quesnay (Intrim Chief Executive)
September 2000 - 2005
Faith Boardman

Director of Social Services

1977 - 1988
Robin Osmond
1988 - 1995
David A. Pope
1995 - February 1996
Graham Gatehouse (Interim Director)
February 1996 - 1999
Celia Pyke Lees (Executive Director Social Services)
Steve Cody (Acting Executive Director)
October 1999 - March 2003
Lisa Christensen (Executive Director)
March 2003 - April 2005
Andrew Webster (Executive Director)
April 2004
Yashi Shah (Director Social Care)

Deputy Director of Social Services

1977 - 1979
Thelma Lavender (Senior Assistant Director)
1979 - 1983
Valerie Howarth (Assistant Director Personal Services)
1983 - 1987
Jack Smith (Acting Assistant Director Children & Young Persons)
1988 - 1989
Josephine Durrant (Assistant Director Children & Young Persons)
1989 - 1990
Ainsley Forbes (Assistant Director Children & Young Persons)
1990 - May 1996
Verley Chambers (Assistant Director Community Services)
May 1999 - October 2000
Pam Rowe (Acting Assistant Director Children & Families)
October 2000 - 2005
Phil Howes (Head of Children's Services)



  1. Sexual Offences Act 1956 sections 12 and 14–15.
  2. Sexual Offences Act 2003 section 15. It replaced the offence of indecent assault with sexual assault and buggery with offences of rape for a person intentionally to penetrate with his penis the vagina, anus or mouth of another person without consent.
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