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IICSA Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

Children in the care of Lambeth Council Investigation Report


D.1: Introduction

1. Angell Road opened as a children’s home in January 1981 and closed in March 1995.[1] It was intended to provide short-term accommodation for 15 to 16 children before they moved on to longer term placements, with two self-contained flats intended for use by staff.[2] Lambeth Council provided a corporate witness statement, by Ms Annie Hudson (strategic director for children’s services at Lambeth Council from May 2016 to March 2020), which detailed the history of the home, how it operated, the background of members of staff who worked at the home and the allegations of child sexual abuse linked to the home or its staff.[3] Detective Inspector (DI) Simon Morley also provided two witness statements, on behalf of the Metropolitan Police Service, about staff members who worked at Angell Road.[4]

Angell Road children’s home

Angell Road children’s home

2. At the time of the Lambeth Council investigation public hearing in June and July 2020, Lambeth Council was aware of 36 children who had made allegations of sexual abuse against nine adults employed by Lambeth Council or connected to Angell Road. These adults included Michael John Carroll (sometimes known as John Carroll), LA-F4 and Steven Forrest, discussed further below.

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