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IICSA Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

Institutional responses to allegations of child sexual abuse involving the late Lord Janner of Braunstone QC Investigation Report

Annex 4: Chronologies of key events in Operation Magnolia and Operation Dauntless

Operation Magnolia

Date Event
27.09.1999 Leicestershire Police receives a letter alleging physical and sexual abuse in two children’s homes. Inquiry commences.
16.02.2000 The parameters of Operation Magnolia set: “To investigate whether there is any evidence of physical and/or sexual abuse of children at [the two children’s homes]” (Policy 13).
22.02.2000 Detective Constable (DC) Nigel Baraclough visits JA-A25 (initial introductory visit – not tape-recorded).
07–21.03.2000 JA-A25 is interviewed by DC Baraclough (in company with either DC Alexander Nixon or DC James Wynne).
08.03.2000 JA-A19 is interviewed by DC Wynne and DC Stephen Smith. Allegations related to abuse by staff within the children’s home.
20.03.2000 JA-A19 is interviewed by DC Wynne and DC Smith. Allegations made against Lord Janner.
23.03.2000 Policy 30 records: Crown Prosecution Service to examine the evidence before any arrests are contemplated.
10.04.2000 JA-A25 signs his witness statement.
10.04.2000 JA-A19 approves and signs his statement (S4) covering his allegations against children’s home staff.
22.08.2000 JA-A19 signs an additional statement (S4A) covering his identification from photographs of residents and staff at children’s homes.
05.01.2001 JA-A19 signs an additional statement (S4B) clarifying matters into an allegation against a staff member at his children’s home.
22.05.2001 JA-A6 is interviewed by Detective Sergeant (DS) Wynne. Date on JA-A6’s statement (S101) regarding allegations of abuse within Moel Llys Children’s Home.
29.05.2001 Date on JA-A6’s statement regarding allegations against Lord Janner (S101A).
30.07.2001 Three actions raised (actions 4171, 4172, 4173) in respect of JA-A6’s allegations against Lord Janner.
18.09.2001 Policy 88 – ‘No Further Action’ (NFA) or prosecution decisions to be a joint enterprise between the police and the Crown Prosecution Service.
08.11.2001 JA-A19’s statement S4C registered on HOLMES.
28.11.2001 Meeting with police and the Crown Prosecution Service to consider whether complaints against children’s home staff should be pursued.
10.01.2002 Result of Action filed regarding NFA decision for JA-A19.
11.01.2002 Report from Acting Detective Inspector (A/DI) Kevin Yates regarding NFA.
22–25.02.2002 The three JA-A6 actions in respect of Lord Janner were resulted with NFA needed and the case closed.
16.04.2002 Email from senior investigating officer (SIO) Graham Thomas thanking staff for efforts.
20.09.2002 Crown Prosecution Service advice (from Roger Rock) confirming that no staff would face charges arising out of Operation Magnolia.

Operation Dauntless

Date Event
06.08.1990 JA-A8 is interviewed and denies abuse by Frank Beck.
10.10.1997 Leicestershire Social Services makes a complaint on JA-A8’s behalf that he was sexually abused by a teacher at a time when he was living with foster parents.
21.04.1998 JA-A8 attends Charles Street Police station and alleges child sexual abuse by Frank Beck[1] and a teacher whilst he was in foster care.
25.11.2005 Referral is received by Leicestershire Police Child Protection Unit from a prison in Warwickshire concerning JA-A8’s complaint that an individual had abused him whilst he was in foster care. This complaint was not directed at Lord Janner but at his foster carer, JA-F21, who JA-A8 maintained had been aware of the abuse that he had suffered.
Feb 2006 JA-A8 makes further allegations of child sexual abuse against a number of males, including Beck and Lord Janner.
30.03.2006 JA-A8 is interviewed on tape in prison. Gives evidence of three incidents of abuse, including references to “Greville”.
05.05.2006 JA-A8’s allegations concerning Lord Janner are reported to the child abuse investigation unit at Leicestershire Police.
10.05.2006 Gold Group meeting for Operation Dauntless. Attendees include Acting Chief Constable (ACC) Chris Eyre, Chief Superintendent (C/Supt) Alistair Helm and Superintendent Christopher Tew.
June 2006 C/Supt Helm asks Detective Superintendent (D/Supt) Christopher Thomas to be SIO of Operation Dauntless.
02.06.2006 Policy Decision 4: decision to treat Operation Dauntless as a covert investigation.
07.06.2006 Policy Decision 5: initial terms of reference are identified, including the recovery and review of the Beck investigation papers and JA-A8’s social services records.
27.06.2006 Detective Inspector (DI) Kevin Barrs advises DS Swift-Rollinson of Operation Dauntless.
27.06.2006 DS David Swift-Rollinson requests a copy of the Beck enquiry papers.
28.06.2006 DS Swift-Rollinson queries the ethical appropriateness of Roger Rock acting as the reviewing lawyer.
30.06.2006 Policy Decision 10: to create an analytical timeline.
26.09.2006 DS Swift-Rollinson meets with Leicestershire County Council legal team to obtain copies of JA-A8’s social services records.
01.11.2006 DS Swift-Rollinson attends Leicestershire County Council to review JA-A8’s social services files.
16.11.2006 Operation Dauntless team meeting; discussions about contacting JA-A8’s social worker to ascertain whether he disclosed child sexual abuse to her
24.11.2006 JA-A8 is re-interviewed.
23.12.2006 DS Swift-Rollinson identifies that a number of Operation Magnolia witnesses mentioned Lord Janner, including JA-A19 who alleged child sexual abuse (the ‘unrevealed statement’).
24.12.2006 D/Supt Christopher Thomas asks DS Swift-Rollinson to print the statements from Operation Magnolia.
January 2007 D/Supt Christopher Thomas decides to seek advice from the Crown Prosecution Service.
02.01.2007 DS Swift-Rollinson drafts a letter for D/Supt Christopher Thomas to send to Lord Janner to invite him to attend a voluntary interview (letter not sent).
30.01.2007 Operation Dauntless team meeting: DI Barrs informs DS Swift-Rollinson that an advice file to the Crown Prosecution Service is to be prepared (ie Policy Decision 12) and Lord Janner will not be arrested and interviewed before seeking the Crown Prosecution Service’s advice (i.e. Policy Decision 13).
14.02.2007 DS Swift-Rollinson emails DI Richard Keenan and A/DI Yates regarding Operation Magnolia. A/DI Yates responds the same day; DI Keenan responds on 19.2.2007.
19.03.2007 DI Keenan sends a follow-up email to DS Swift-Rollinson concerning decision-making in Operation Magnolia.
23.04.2007 DS Swift-Rollinson’s cover report to the advice file to the Crown Prosecution Service.
24.04.2007 D/Supt Christopher Thomas’s cover letter to Roger Rock at the Crown Prosecution Service.
25.04.2007 DS Swift-Rollinson presents the advice file to Roger Rock at the Crown Prosecution Service.
03.05.2007 DS Swift-Rollinson provides additional medical evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service.
18.06.2007 DS Swift-Rollinson provides further medical evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service.
11.12.2007 Roger Rock discusses his advice with the Chief Crown Prosecutor for Leicestershire Crown Prosecution Service, who endorses his decision.
10.12.2007 File note of advice from Roger Rock.
19.12.2007 Roger Rock’s advice on Operation Dauntless completed.
28.12.2007 Roger Rock’s advice received by Leicestershire Police.



  1. In 1991, Frank Beck was convicted of multiple allegations of child sexual abuse and was sentenced to life imprisonment.
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