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IICSA Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

Children in the care of the Nottinghamshire Councils Investigation Report

C.4: Background to Beechwood

20. The history of Beechwood demonstrates the extent to which the issues impacting on residential care more generally created an environment where vulnerable children could be and were abused, and faced difficulties in disclosing that abuse.

21. Allegations of abuse at Beechwood generally began to emerge in 2010 and were the catalyst for the police initiating Operation Daybreak in 2011. In 2012, 50 former residents of Beechwood brought civil claims in respect of their allegations of non-recent abuse at Beechwood.[1]

22. Despite a large number of allegations of sexual abuse by former residents, including from those who say they reported their allegations at the time, over the 39 years Beechwood was open there are only two recorded instances of an institutional response to allegations of sexual abuse made against staff. Colin Wallace was dismissed and convicted of unlawful sexual intercourse in 1980. [2]NO-F47 resigned whilst under disciplinary investigation in 1998.[3]As a result of allegations made to the police more recently there have been three convictions of former Beechwood staff members: John Dent in 2001,[4] Andris Logins in 2016[5] and Barrie Pick in 2017.[6]

23. Records and witnesses refer to ‘the Beechwood complex’, ‘Beechwood’, and to the various individual units (Redcot, The Lindens and Enderleigh). From 1996 the official name of the home was changed to ‘379 (or 387) Woodborough Road’.[7] For consistency, we have referred to ‘Beechwood’ throughout this report.

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