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IICSA Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

Children in the care of the Nottinghamshire Councils Investigation Report

E.2: Allegations of harmful sexual behaviour in Nottinghamshire

3. The Inquiry has received 95 accounts[1] of harmful sexual behaviour, including: 

3.1. P16 was sexually abused, including rape, by another child in a children’s home “some decades ago”. He ran away, becoming a victim of child sexual exploitation.[2]

3.2. P7 was sexually abused by another child in her foster home in the 1970s, who threatened to disclose that she was being abused by the foster father. P7 was scared that this would lead to her being taken away from her two siblings.[3] 

3.3. P3 was sexually assaulted by a male resident at a children’s home in 1978. She described the continuing effects of the abuse: “Sometimes when I meet men, they know I’ve been abused and they ask me if I have been a prostitute. They assume that I have because I have been abused. This makes me feel really confused; as if my abuse has made me worthless”.[4]

3.4. A76 was raped twice by one older boy and sexually assaulted by another in a children’s home in the 1970s and 1980s.[5]

3.5. P5 gave an account of being sexually abused by two of her brothers in the 1970s and 1980s. This included forced oral sex and sexual touching, at the children’s home where she lived and when they would go home at the weekend.[6]

3.6. P1 was sexually assaulted by the son of his foster carers in the 1980s, including forced oral sex.[7]

3.7. L46 was sexually assaulted by a female resident at a children’s home in 1987, who inserted her finger into L46’s anus in the course of bullying her. This was recorded in her social services records.[8]

3.8. D31 was sexually abused on around five different occasions by older boys at Greencroft Community Home between 1989 and 1991, including sexual assault and rape.[9]

3.9. D46 was sexually abused by two older boys at a children’s home in the 1990s.[10]

3.10. L43 was sexually abused at Beechwood in 2002, by another resident who was one year older than him. This included attempted anal rape and sexual touching. He reported the abuse but felt unsafe and confused. He described the impact of the abuse as “everlasting”.[11]

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