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Seminar topics

Criminal Injuries Compensation

In these seminars, we aim  to discuss and gather information on the following points:

Criminal Justice System

This two-day seminar will focus on the way in which cases of child sexual abuse are dealt with by the criminal justice system.

Health Sector

This two-day seminar will examine whether current arrangements to prevent child sexual abuse in healthcare settings are effective.

Mandatory Reporting Seminar

This seminar will look at existing obligations to report child sexual abuse in England and Wales, and at the experiences of other countries where mandatory reporting legislation exists.

Preventing and responding to child sexual abuse

The Inquiry commissioned the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) to undertake a Rapid Evidence Assessment (REA) exploring what can be learnt from different jurisdictions, outside of England and Wales, about the role of institutions in preventing child sexual abuse and

Social and political narratives about child sexual abuse

This half-day seminar will explore child sexual abuse narratives and the way in which they have affected the practice of institutions and professionals responsible for preventing and responding to it.

The Civil Justice System

This seminar was held across November and December 2016 and covered the following:

Victims and survivors’ experiences

This two-day seminar focused on victims and survivors and their experiences of the impacts of child sexual abuse.
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