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The Criminal Justice System

The Criminal Justice System - Day 1


The Criminal Justice System - Day 2


This two-day seminar will focus on the way in which cases of child sexual abuse are dealt with by the criminal justice system.

Day 1 will explore the experiences and perspectives of complainants victims and survivors of child sexual abuse, as well as the organisations who support them, in relation to going through the criminal justice system. On day 2, criminal justice professionals will discuss the key issues from their perspective in the way that child sexual abuse cases are currently dealt with, and explore options for improving criminal justice processes and outcomes.

The Inquiry does not want to pre-empt the issues that seminar participants or members of the public gallery will raise during the two day seminar in relation to their experiences of the criminal justice system, and therefore will not be pre-defining the issues of focus.

The CJS is, however, a large and complex system, and in order to make the discussion more manageable certain issues are out of scope for this seminar. These are as follows:

  • Falsely accused individuals
  • Criminal compensation (including CICA)
  • Interactions between the CJS and family courts/civil courts
  • The management and rehabilitation of child sexual abuse perpetrators

The information and views we receive will help the Inquiry to identify areas for further investigation and scrutiny.

The Seminar is being held at the Inquiry’s hearing centre at 18 Pocock Street, London SE1 0BW. You can access a map for the centre here.

Please see the documents below for further information about the seminar, including the seminar agenda and information for members of the public who would like to attend.

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