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Research Projects

The Inquiry has a wide ranging research programme, including research relating to the areas covered by the Inquiry’s investigations, as well as projects which have more cross cutting relevance.

Social and political discourses about child sexual abuse

We wanted to learn more about the ways people have thought and talked about child sexual abuse in England and Wales over the last eight decades.

Safeguarding against child sexual abuse in residential schools

We wanted to learn more about child sexual abuse and safeguarding practice in residential schools.

Child sexual abuse within the Catholic and Anglican Churches

Secondary research was carried out by the Inquiry to review the existing research on child sexual abuse in the Anglican and Catholic Churches.

Safeguarding in youth custody

We wanted to learn more about child sexual abuse in youth custody and the duty of custodial institutions in England and Wales to keep children and young people safe.

Perpetrators of child sexual exploitation who operate in organised networks

One of the Inquiry’s investigations looks into the institutional responses to the sexual exploitation of children by organised networks.

Preventing and responding to child sexual abuse - learning from best practice in other countries

We wanted to find out about different approaches to preventing, identifying and responding to child sexual abuse from outside England and Wales.

Safeguarding against child sexual abuse facilitated online

We wanted to learn more about child sexual abuse that is enabled by the internet, together with ways in which children can be kept safe from this type of abuse. 

Truth Project research

The Truth Project was set up for victims and survivors of child sexual abuse to share their experiences in a supportive and confidential setting.

The impacts of child sexual abuse

We wanted to learn more about the impacts of child sexual abuse on victims and survivors.

Support Services for Victims and Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

We wanted to learn more about victim and survivors’ views and experiences of support services for child sexual abuse.

Child sexual abuse in ethnic minority communities

We wanted to learn about the views and experiences of ethnic minority communities in relation to child sexual abuse. 

Child sexual abuse in institutional settings

We want to understand the behaviours of perpetrators who have sexually abused children in institutions.

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