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Support Services for Victims and Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse


We want to learn more about victim and survivors’ views and experiences of support services for child sexual abuse.

  • We have commissioned new research which aims to -
    • Understand victim and survivors’ experiences of support services that they have accessed;
    • Explore barriers to accessing support and why some victims and survivors do not access support services at all;
    • Explore the unmet need for support services

Key Themes

  • Support services
  • Child sexual abuse



  • Support services for victims and survivors of child sexual abuse encompass a range of different types, sectors and providers. Some examples of services include healthcare interventions, therapeutic services, community support services and more.
  • This research will provide us with a better understanding of what support services are available to victims and survivors, how experiences of accessing these services differ and any issues relating to access and unmet need for services.  


Fieldwork - Autumn 2019

Publication - Summer 2020

What the research is about

  • The sample for this research comes from participants of the ONS Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) who have agreed to be recontacted to take part in further research.

  • The research has two parts, the first is a survey of those who have accessed support services. Participants will be asked about their experiences of support services that they have accessed.

  • The second part of the research is a small number of qualitative interviews carried out with victims and survivors who have not accessed support services. These interviews will explore why participants have not accessed support including any barriers which may have prevented them from doing so.

Implications for the work of the Inquiry

The research will increase our understanding of support service provision for victims and survivors. It will also enhance our knowledge of potential barriers to accessing support services and the unmet need for support services for victims and survivors of child sexual abuse.


  • Research report: forthcoming
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