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The Victims and Survivors Forum

The Victims and Survivors Forum is open to all victims and survivors of child sexual abuse. It was set up to make it easier for victims and survivors to engage with us, ask questions and make suggestions about how we work.

As a participant in the Forum, you’ll have access to updates on our work and will be informed of Inquiry Forum events held in England and Wales. Forum events provide you with the opportunity to discuss and contribute to the work of the Inquiry.

Inquiry Awareness Raising Campaign

The Inquiry has developed a television advertising campaign to encourage victims and survivors to come forward to the Truth Project. Over 60 people, including 25 Forum members, took part in research to develop the advertisement, which has enabled us to ensure it reflects the thoughts, opinions and experiences of victims and survivors.

Victims and Survivors Forum Events Schedule 2019

Our Victims and Survivors Forum events schedule details the events that Forum members can attend and participate in throughout the year. If you would be interested in attending and would like to contribute towards the work of the Inquiry, please register by completing the online form.

How to attend one of the Forum events

If you’re interested in participating in the Victims and Survivors Forum, please register by clicking the button below. Where possible, we aim to contact you in advance of the event to provide information and answer any questions you may have.

We will also pay for reasonable travel costs to and from the Forum event.

Register for the Victims and Survivors Forum

Introductory Forum events summary note

The Inquiry held five Introductory Forum events across England and Wales between August and December 2018. This document provides a summary of the themes raised by Forum members throughout the events.

Research Live Stream Event Q&A

Truth Project Data Analysis

On 18 February 2019, the Inquiry held a live streamed event on the Truth Project Data Analysis. Please see the following Q&A document and the slide pack used for the event.

The Inquiry's research programme

The Inquiry held a live streamed event on the IICSA Youtube channel on 5 November on the Inquiry's Research Programme and what has been learnt so far.  Please see the following Q&A document and the slide pack used for the event.

Research Live Streamed Q&A

Presentation Slides used

Forum Consultation Survey Results and Analysis

We have recently consulted with Forum members in order to help us shape the next phase of Forum activity and to to ensure that the Forum is as effective as possible. Please see the paper below:

2018-04-05 V&S Forum Consultation - Analysis of results


Consultation on the impacts of child sexual abuse and experiences of support services

The Inquiry has published a detailed summary of the consultation held with victims and survivors on the impact of child sexual abuse and their experiences of support services. Please see the summary below.

Summary of responses received


Previous Forum Events

Please see below notes summarising the discussions at previous Victim and Survivor Forum meetings.

23rd March 2017 - Manchester Victims and Survivors Forum notes

15th March 2017 - London Victims and Survivors Forum notes

24th November 2016 - Cardiff notes

5th August 2016, London - pilot event notes 

Contact us

If you wish to ask a question about the Inquiry or if you have information to support our investigations please get in touch:

  • Call our Inquiry Information Line on 0800 917 1000.

    Open weekdays 8am-8pm, Saturdays 10am-12pm Calls are free and do not show on your bill.

  • Email us:


We aim to respond to all calls, emails and letters within 15 working days.

We're serious about your privacy

We are required to ensure that all personal and sensitive information is safely stored, and made available only to those who need to see it. At the end of the Inquiry, all your information will be securely destroyed.

Find out more about our security measures

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