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0800 917 1000 Open weekdays 8am-8pm, Saturdays 10am-12pm

Victim and Survivor Consultation

The online survey for victims, survivors and those around them to say how they have been affected by child sexual abuse, is now closed. The survey ran from 7th June to 12th September 2017. The findings will be used to inform the development of recommendations to improve support for victims and survivors.

However you can still take part in the Truth Project, which will run for the duration of the Inquiry, to tell us about what happened to you. The Truth Project is the first time the voices of so many victims and survivors have been heard and the information shared will help to better protect children in the future.

Contact us

If you wish to ask a question about the Inquiry or if you have information to support our investigations please get in touch:

  • Call our Inquiry Information Line on 0800 917 1000.

    Open weekdays 8am-8pm, Saturdays 10am-12pm Calls are free and do not show on your bill.

  • Email us:


We aim to respond to all calls, emails and letters within 15 working days.

We're serious about your privacy

We are required to ensure that all personal and sensitive information is safely stored, and made available only to those who need to see it. At the end of the Inquiry, all your information will be securely destroyed.

Find out more about our security measures


Shout is a 24 hour text based crisis messaging service, which supports Deaf people. If you need help with urgent issues such as suicidal thoughts, abuse or assault, self-harm, bullying or relationship issues please text DEAF to 85258.

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