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4 Institutional responses to child sexual abuse investigation

Since the Inquiry’s internal review was published in December 2016, five public hearings have taken place and a further eight are scheduled for 2018-19. The public hearings held so far relate to:

  • the child migration programmes, held over four weeks in February, March and July 2017 (a case study within the ‘Children outside the UK’ investigation)

  • the ‘Cambridge House, Knowl View and Rochdale’ (‘Rochdale’) investigation, held over three weeks in October 2017

  • the English Benedictine Congregation, held over three weeks in November and December 2017 (a case study within the ‘Roman Catholic Church’ investigation)

  • an introductory hearing on the ‘Internet and child sexual abuse’ investigation, held over one week in January 2018, and

  • the Diocese of Chichester, held over three weeks in March 2018 (a case study within the ‘Anglican Church’ investigation).

This section of the report provides an overview of the child migration programmes case study and Rochdale investigation. The full reports have been published previously and are attached as appendices to this report.

This section also provides an update on the English Benedictine Congregation and Diocese of Chichester case studies. The Inquiry is considering its findings on these case studies and will publish these at a later date. For this reason, this report does not purport to draw any conclusions or make any findings at this stage. An update on the introductory hearing on the ‘Internet and child sexual abuse’ investigation can be found later in this report.

Annex A to this report includes a progress report for all the Inquiry’s investigations.

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