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IICSA Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

Child Migration Programmes Investigation Report

Common themes from Fairbridge Society’s experience in Canada

48. As we explain later, the Fairbridge Society was a key participant in the child migration programmes. Its Canadian school was ultimately closed in the early 1950s largely due to the adverse views of local childcare professionals. However the evidence from the Fairbridge Society’s experience in Canada shows that it had also identified the following expectations:

a. careful staff selection and supervision;

b. recruitment of trained staff who would be likely to require attractive pay and working conditions;

c. appointment of a trained worker to oversee the work of the staff;

d. an understanding that a staff member who engaged in sexual misconduct with pupils should not remain in post; and

e. the desirability of the sending organisation visiting an institution personally when serious incidents of sexual abuse occurred and taking appropriate steps in response.[1]

49. Elements a-c of the above paragraph can be seen in many of the other sources referred to in this section. We note that d. and e. were also reflected in the manner in which Barnardo’s responded to the discovery of sexual abuse issues at their Picton school in 1958.



  1. Constantine 12 July 2017 124-125; 129-131
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